Chapter 1

5000 years ago two heroes arose from a bloody conflict leaving the continent of Navarea nearly devoid of life. Through their hard work and study the two champions arise with a solution, the scope of which bends time itself. The heroes constructed a magic powerful enough to allow them to destroy the barrier that separate the past, present, and future. With this new power they diverted the tides of the war and restored peace to the land. I wish i could that our story ended here, unfortunately, i cannot. For with each step through the doors of time, the heroes realized that they could change more than just the war. They changed the entire course of history, twisting time as they saw fit. With near limitless power they had elevated themselves to levels no man should obtain. Instead of simply fighting through time for the good of humanity they sought immortality. They purged the thought of magic from the books of time so that no wizard could contest them, and through research they found that they cannot truly reach godlike power, instead settling for the stealing of souls to extend their own lifetimes. For souls are like ticking clocks, and by collecting them one can wind his own back. This stealing of souls started with simple beings, rats and small animals. But the greed of one brother Nadanidus was insatiable, quickly escalating to the sacrifice of the very humanoids he once fought to save. Finally, in a rage Nadanidus attempted to steal the soul of his own brother, whom then saw in death the errors he had committed. Nadanidus, in gaining temporary immortality, had lost the power he held so dear: the travel of time. Now this tyrant threatens the bonds of freedom our species fought for so long ago.

Old Map

and so the sun rises...